IUSS Commission on Paleopedology and INQUA Project RAISIN IYS 2015 Activity – Workshop “Soils and Paleosols of Brazil” Campinas

Organized by the IUSS Commission on Paleopedology and INQUA Project RAISIN, local organizers: Alessandro Batezelli and Francisco S. B. Ladeira. 23/8: Welcome reception/dinner, 24-25/8: Field trips to Poços de Caldas (MG), Piracicaba, and Itirapina (SP): Tropical Soils (Ferralsols, Acrisols, Plinthosols, Bauxite profiles etc.), 26/8: Workshop at University of Campinas, 27-28/8: Field Trip to Cananéia (SP) and Ilha Comprida (SP): Tropical Podzols, including a Quaternary Podzol Chronosequence, 29/8: Return to Campinas via São Paulo Airport. Registration and abstract submission open until 15 July 2015.

Website: https://ppsg2011.uni-hohenheim.de/94442

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