Cover Management (C-factor) for soil erosion modelling

The C-factor (USLE/RUSLE erosion modelling) accounts for how land cover, crops and crop man-agement cause soil loss to vary from those losses occurring in bare fallow areas. The C-factor is perhaps the most important factor with regard to policy and land use decisions, as it represents conditions that can be most easily managed to reduce erosion. The Cover Management high res-olution dataset (100 m) is based on the hybrid C-factor Land Use and Management (LANDUM) model. The LANDUM model for C-factor estimation is differentiated between a) arable lands and b) all other land uses (non-arable).

In arable lands, the C-factor is estimated using crop statistics (% of arable land per crop type) and data on management practices such as reduced tillage (no till), plant residues and winter cover crops. The C-facto r in non-arable lands is modelled by weighting the range of values found in literature according to fractional vegetation cover, which was estimated based on the COPERNICUS Remote Sensing dataset Fcover.

Data for C-factor and management practices are available from:

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