Soil Atlas of Latin America and the Caribbean (English and Portuguese version available)

On 10-11 June 2015, the EU held a high level summit with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) under the title “Shaping our common future: working for prosperous, cohesive and sustainable societies for our citizens”. On this occasion, the English and Portuguese versions of the JRC Soil Atlas of Latin America and the Caribbean were launched. This publication was offered by the Commission President to the 61 heads of delegation, including more than 40 heads of state or government from CELAC and EU Member States taking part in the summit.

The Soil Atlas of Latin American and the Caribbean is an initiative funded by the EUROCLIMA programme, which aims to promote cooperation between Latin America and the European Union (EU) in the field of climate change. The aim of the atlas is to support sustainable soil management, and to help promote an understanding of the state of and importance of soil in order to encourage its preservation . Produced by the JRC, this Atlas sets out to improve communication and raise the awareness of the general public, politicians and scientists about the importance of the soil in Latin America. English version is available (Portuguese in draft) from:

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